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Monday, September 13, 2004

Don't let these losers trample on YOUR rights!!!

I am dumbfounded by what I just read. It gives me the creeps. And I don't freak out over every little thing but this just galls me:


JohnnyDakota said...

That is all just a hoax, fabrication, disinformation, or is meant to be some kind of right-wing humor I think (and as most right-wing humor goes, it is not really very funny). Sometimes the things some people write on their blogs are sooooo stupid. This is one of those times.
Johnny Dakota

Sister Sunshine said...

I think you're right. At least, I certainly hope so. It's really scary to think of having our right to free speech curtailed in any way, shape, or form. BTW... I just added you to my blogroll...

rocky johnson said...

From my blog's sidebar:

This blog is the home of
Rocky River Press (RRP)
which is satire.

Sister Sunshine said...

Oh. Duh! Well, at least I can stop looking for it now, LOL