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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Back to life, back to reality...

Well, so far it looks like Ivan is going to miss us, but I'm still afraid to exhale just yet. My chest pain has diminished, though, so I'm thinking it probably was all stress...

I'm still going to wait at least another week before resuming normal activities (i.e. Body-for-LIFE) but I really want to wrap my head around it and get serious this time. I'm tired of half-assing it. If I want to have top-notch results, I'm going to have to be as good at eating clean as I am at sticking to my workout schedule. Oh yeah... when I get back to working out after taking a couple of weeks off, I'm going to be sore, sore, sore all over again.
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MIKE DA HAT said...

You put me to shame with your enthusiasm for keep fit and healthy living. Personally I have my tried and tested health plan involving beer and cigarettes and rock and roll. With the occasional aerobic workout in bed. Works for me.

Sister Sunshine said...

Enthusiasm being the key word there... LOL

I'm getting fatter again since I've laid off the workout and nutrition plan, but I know I'm still stronger than I was 6 months ago, so that helps keep me from getting too down on myself over it.

I quit smoking on August 12... just over a month ago... but I still want a cigarette... and might ALWAYS want one.
: (

Your fitness plan is probably the preferred fitness plan for most people worldwide. In fact, I've theorized that people who have a lot of sex don't really need any other exercise. I mean, how fat is your average prostitute? (Not talking about the drug-addicted ones... they don't count)