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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

No! Not MY computer!!!

Ugh. Well... now that the power is back on, I'm having trouble with my blasted machine. I'm hoping it's not what I THINK it is... because of the two possibilities, neither is satisfactory.

1. My 5 year old motherboard is finally giving out on me... (quite likely)
2. I have a virus or spyware screwing my machine up (also likely... even though I have up-to-date AV protection, I've never installed any spyware dohickeys... and when I try to go to add/remove programs now, the computer quits responding, and afterward the mouse won't work, even after rebooting.

Anyone have any ideas?
: (

Hope things are going better for all of you!


JohnnyDakota said...

Hey Lydia,
Thanks for visiting my blog and making those kind comments (especially for the review you gave me on! Thanks!
You are truly a poet and I look forward to hearing more of your music on your home page and your web design talents are really promising. I’ll check back to your blog from time to time too just to see how things are going in wet-n-windy Florida.

Later Florida babe!
Johnny Dakota

Sister Sunshine said...

You're welcome... and thanks!
: )

Addendum to post:

I seem to be infected with a ton of spyware. But the one that's wreaking havoc is called searchmiracle. In IE it makes its own hyperlinks out of everything that fits its keyword dictionary, or whatever. BUT... Firefox seems to be completely immune. Yay Firefox! (I prefer Firefox, with it's tabbed browsing, anyway!)