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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

A rose, by any other name...

Lydia is the #243 most common female name.
0.086% of females in the US are named Lydia.
Around 109650 US females are named Lydia!

Glider is a very rare last name.
Very few last names in the US are Glider.
Be proud of your unique last name!

Shelley is the #2532 most common last name.
0.005% of last names in the US are Shelley.
Around 12500 US last names are Shelley!


Pupa said...

thank you for your advice...i think i'm gonna apply for another job if they do nothing about this mad guy...thanks again!

Sister Sunshine said...

Good. I hope things work out okay for you!
: )

Cub & Jen said...

I was drawn to this post on your blog spot because we are finding it hard to choose a girl's name. If you don't mind I think we will add the namestastics link to our search repertoire.
Thanks for visiting the Wee Gardner blog. I appreciated your comments so much that I had look you up. The photograph of you is beautiful. I also, noticed that we have a few things in common.I am a native Floridian (it stays in your heart no matter where you go)and I was surprised to see that you have five children, too. -Jen

Sister Sunshine said...

Good luck with the baby name! I'm gonna add you to my blogroll so I can keep up on the news!
: )