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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Run, run, run!

Well, there's another "Aaron" title, LOL

Since Frank's Jeep is not reliable enough for him to drive to work, he's been taking his dad's Saturn, and his dad's been driving my car (which was just recently repaired, or we'd REALLY be stuck right now!)

Anyway, since dh has had to work over ('til noon) so far every day this week, I can't go to the gym in the morning... and it's been kinda screwing up the way I do things. But that's okay. I'll manage.

So today, as soon as he gets home, I'm taking Joe and Selena to the park to meet with the kids from a local homeschool support group we belong to, then after that I have to pick up Timmy, and THEN I can go to the gym. Finally, some time this evening, my neighbor is supposed to take me to get a computer desk that a freecycler is giving me, for my daughter, Sarah. That should be nice for her, as she's tight on space and it has more vertical storage space (above where the computer goes, it's like a hutch... I think) I'll probably just trash the desk she's been using as she has covered it with graffiti and someone would have to do a major refinishing job to it if they wanted it. It's a shame. Sometimes I just want to whack that girl upside her head.

I'm hoping I can remember to get my son to tape Smallville for me tonight, since the new season just started last week, but I'm not so much of a fanatic that I can't stand to miss it, either. In fact, I rarely sit and watch tv at all. I set it to turn itself off at night when I go to bed, and after I read my book I watch a little 'til I can't keep my eyes open, but nothing memorable, to be sure.

Tomorrow should be a little better, especially if dh gets to come home at 8am and we can do something about the hot water heater.

I suppose I shouldn't worry too much about not getting to the gym if I can't... it's more important that we deal with the water heater, and if I miss one or two workouts it's not going to kill me!

Okay. 'Nuff said. Time to get dressed and charge into my busy day. (It was nice sleeping in 'til 10 after making sure the kids got up for school!)


Michael Tyas said...

Never underestimate the power of "Next Blog" again. I've been surfing different blogs for a little over 10 minutes. Gone from Australia to Zimbabwae. And then I hit yours :)

Out of Millions.


Sister Sunshine said...

Well, I guess we were just destined to meet. That's how I found your blog, by the way... that "next blog" button. Of course, the last couple weeks I have been too busy to do much blogsurfing, but...

Seems like it's about time you made it onto my blogroll, too...