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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Annual Dilemma


My dd's "open house" at school was scheduled for last Thursday, but due to the hurricane was rescheduled for tonight. No problem, you say? Oh... but there is a problem. Because ds's open house is tonight, at a different school... and I missed HIS last year due to MY school schedule (I was in college)

So, I guess this year there is no choice but to skip dd's open house and attend ds's. I hate that though... because I like to hear from all the teachers and get a feel for their personalities. All I can hope for now is that dd doesn't have a snit fit over it. She usually says she doesn't care, but acts like she does... and we all know that ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS!

In other news, my son and I reformatted all 3 computers last night. I still have to reinstall a few things such as a driver for my scanner and some of my apps, but so far so good. I'll miss my old Windows 2000 partition though... although I'm thinking that may have been the problem, that it may not have had enough security.

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