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Monday, September 06, 2004

Internet cafes are awesome!

Well... no power yet at home, and a neighbor charged my cell phone, but I guess it keeps losing its signal and searching so it's gone dead again already! Forutnately, the proprietor of this 'net cafe is letting me charge it back up again while I'm here.

I may send the kids to a neighbor's for showers later if we still don't have electricity. Not gonna make 'em get a cold shower... Bob, Frank and I can go to the gym to shower... but not the younger ones. I especially want to make sure Sarah and Tim get one since they'll probably go to school tomorrow... which they WANT to do because it's air-conditioned there!

Well... that's all my news for now. Pretty boring, huh? The most exciting thing in my life right now is the book I borrowed from a neighbor to help pass the time. It's a spy novel... not normally what I would choose, but surprise surprise! I'm actually enjoying it. It's by a guy named Ignatius. He's not bad!


MIKE DA HAT said...

Sometimes we takes things for granted. Electricity for instance. Powers cut reduce us all to a third world state. Scary huh?

allie said...

I was wondering about you and this storm...we had big power outtages in atlanta today .. but yay - i still have a/c and hot showers .... keep us posted on how you are ... stinky and all :)

Sister Sunshine said...

Okay. I'm NOT stinky any more, but if you saw today's post, you know that all is STILL not right in my world.
: (

However, I am grateful and counting my blessings. So... hope that Ivan doesn't come and get us now!!!

Yeah, Mike. That 3rd world shit is true 'nuff. I would have rather gone back to Peru than lived another day without AC! (I'd better bite my tongue, cuz if Ivan gits us, it could be a week or two, even a month next time... or worse, we could end up homeless if the house is destroyed. Yes... we do have much to be thankful for!!!)