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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Link nightmare

My computer is infected by this nasty searchmiracle thingy that makes its own hyperlinks... and it turned "anal" on my sidebar into a freaking hyperlink and now I can't seem to edit it out. Blogger allows me to save my template changes, but I haven't been able to republish the damn blog. I'm trying from an uninfected computer this time, and it still won't work. Hopefully it's just a temporary blogger glitch and I'll be able to fix it later... ugh. I hear I'm going to have to either edit the registry or reformat to get rid of this thing. Sigh... either way, I'm in for a pull-my-hair-out-by-the-roots fun day.
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Sister Sunshine said...

In process of reformatting and reinstalling everything... but searchmiracle is GONE!

MIKE DA HAT said...

I wonder if they should bring back capital punishment for people who start these viruses? At the moment the better ones just end up working as consultants for microsoft.

Anonymous said...

Some parts of the world have never abolished capital punishment... so therefore one could theoretically just make sure that these goons are prosecuted in the most brutal and barbaric country on the planet.

It seems reasonable to assume that the majority of viruses are written by the people who work for antivirus companies... in order to maintain job security. Because if there were no viruses to protect us against... they'd be unemployed. Of course I know that some of the viruses also come from programmers who got expensive educations and then couldn't find a job in I.T. to save their lives... what a mess.

Raj said...

I dont think this is a virus; more like a bit of spyware. Spybot: search and destroy should take care of it and anything else lurking on your system.


Sister Sunshine said...

I reformatted, and now I have spybot, adaware, and spyware blaster installed. That searchmiracle thing was going around at my college, too... so when I saw it here at home I knew I was in trouble.
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