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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

Hey Aaron! That sounds like one of YOUR titles!

But seriously. The storm has arrived, and it's moving SOOOOOOOOO slowly. I'll be lucky if we don't lose power at some point... I fully expect that we will. Not much we can do about that... it's not like we could afford a generator or anything... and even if we COULD afford one, we'd have nowhere to keep it when we're NOT using it!

Yes. We need a larger home, but unless I start earning some money we won't be moving just yet. Might as well get used to the cramped quarters... could be like this for a LONG time!

On the other hand, cramped or not, right now I'm just hoping a tornado embedded in the hurricane doesn't demolish it and leave us homeless!

Yikes. I'll be glad when the storm has passed... but there's another one right behind it. Hopefully THAT one will go somewhere else, though... like curve up north into the Atlantic where no one will be harmed by it.


Cylee said...

I do hope that Florida won't be too badly hit after the terrible damages in China, Taiwan and Japan. 18 typhoons so far this year. It's a bad season.

bleed-me said...

heh heh! cool bananas! thats a cool title! i hope that its all good for you and your kiddies. take good care, cause after riding out the storm, you will get the nicest day break. :0)

Sister Sunshine said...

Thanks everyone... we're okay, but I had to come to an internet cafe to get online. Just want to let everybody know we're safe and sound... no power, but still have a house!
: )

As soon as we have power again, I'll be back online. 'Til then, I miss you guys!