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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Stacey? Are you still around?

I never did hear from Allison again after her blog disappeared... now Stacey's is gone, too. It makes me sad when they vanish without a trace... it's like someone died without my having gotten to say goodbye.

I know Allison and Stacey are probably both alive and well, and just got tired of blogging (or whatever) but I do hope that any of you who grace my blogroll don't drop out of sight. I may not have time to make the rounds and visit your sites as often as I'd like, but I would miss you if you were gone!


JohnnyDakota said...

Blogging is a discipline in a way. Most likely, no one will ever read a person’s daily blog entry, because there are so many out there, so a blogger has to learn to accept that and to write for his or her own satisfaction. It’s not that easy to do, as I’m sure you know.

I have been tempted to throw in the blog towel as well but I find that even if I have very little to say, a blog is a great way to exercise my mind and clean out the cobwebs of complacency.
With that being said, I promise that if I ever do decide to end my blogging hobby I will at least have the courtesy to say goodbye to my new found friends in cyber space (with you being one of the best that I have had the pleasure of meeting so far).

So blog on my friend. Blog on.

Sister Sunshine said...

Thanks Johnny!

I guess ppl have reasons for deleting their blogs... but I do think it's nice to put up a farewell msg and leave it up for a while before doing so. There are some who have quit adding new entries, but leave their archives up for people to peruse... I suppose those who delete decide that nothing they've written has been that intersting or whatnot.

I blog primarily for my own therapeutic reasons, and in the beginning hardly expected that anyone would read what I had to say... and it has been a pleasant surprise to find such solidarity with folks in the blogosphere.

Some don't actually comment on the blog, but send me emails privately, and I have only ONCE, EVER had a negative comment that was so vitriolic I had to delete it... apparently in response to a comment I had left on someone else's blog. The writer told me to stay away from that person's blog, but did not say whose blog it was... so I'm clueless. Probably just some loser with nothing better to do.

Overall, blogging is a very positive experience for me, and I will always treasure the many friends I have acquired through this medium.

Much love, and hope you're feeling better! (I'm still working on that one, LOL)