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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Confessions of a waster

Or is that wastrel?


I went out today, and had some business to tend to in the western part of Broward County. It was a beautiful day out.

When it came time to head home, I decided I wasn't going to go straight home... the easy way.

I decided I'd enjoy the lovely weather and take a drive... a cruise, if you will.

Those who are rabid about conserving fossil fuels will find this astonishing, but I just drove 'round for the hell of it. Enjoyed it quite a bit, too.

I think I'll do it again tomorrow. Maybe I can even use up a whole tank of gas... just wandering around looking at wildlife and daisies.


bleed-me said...

hey if it takes one whole tank of fuel to pluck a few posies and smell a few roses, i say go for it!

Sister Sunshine said...

Thanks, mate. I bet you'd burn a whole tank to find just the right flower for your baby!
; )

MIKE DA HAT said...

I used to put my little boy in the car and take him for a drive, so the Mrs could get some sleep. We'd drive for hours, he'd be happy, as soon as we got home again the screaming would start all over again. Oh well for the sake of a few gallons of fossil fuel we had peace. For a while.