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Friday, October 01, 2004

Great news, good news, bad news and worse news.

The great news is that I can get a forbearance on my student loan if I'm still unemployed and underfinanced by the time my payments come due. Since I can't re-enroll and get a deferment (see the "worse" news)

The good news is that we will soon have hot water again.

The bad news is that he couldn't come replace the water heater 'til tomorrow...

and the worse news is that I can't go back to school right now. I went in to discuss it and found that I am not eligible for any grants, only loans. Partly due to my husband's income level, and partly due to the fact that I'd be the only family member in college. I can try again and see what I qualify for in assistance after Frank re-enters school, but if he doesn't do that, then I probably can't. The difference between what I could get loans to cover and what I want to study ranges from $3-5k... certainly more than I can scrape up!

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