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Tuesday, January 22, 2002

Copy of the letter I sent to Rex this morning: Not only was Bob only scheduled to work 3 days this week, but he got off 2 1/2 hours early today... came straight in the door and headed for the computer... (without stopping to see if I was awake & talking to me) but I asked him to go to the store and get me some Coke. (I woulda told him I needed it last night, but he left for work without speaking to me.) I then jumped on the computer hoping you'd be on... but I guess I missed ya. Sigh. That's life, eh? Selena woke up at 5:30 this morning... first time I tried to let her sleep in the crib. She's back to bed now and I'm wide awake... debating about whether to stay online or let Bob go on and talk to you know who...
I guess I'll go back to bed. Selena has a checkup today, and that means I have to get my shit together and go out later... not used to that. If Bob doesn't start working more I'm gonna have to get used to going out, though, cuz I'm gonna have to get a J.O.B.!
Oh well... too bad you're not still on. Love ya anyway!
Yes... life really sucks sometimes.

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