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Monday, January 28, 2002

Just a rotten rotten day. Here is a copy of the letter I sent to a few people who insisted on knowing what was wrong:
You asked for it...
Life just sux, that's all.
It's a long story... lotta shit
I keep having a massive headache every day-sinus on the left side I think it's related to the wisdom tooth that's impacted over there... past x-rays showed the roots were invading my sinuses.
On top of that, DCF called today and wants me to have a $30 piss test by the end of the month (Friday) and I have to go to the shrink ($25) tomorrow, plus the dishwasher repair guy AND DCF worker are coming tomorrow. The dishwasher is gonna be yet another $25 on top of all we already paid him cuz it needed a new heating element, which may be what blew the computer out to begin with...
I can't just pull the tooth. I have to go to an oral surgeon, and the insurance only covers a percentage of the total. Gonna have to wait 'til Bob (my husband) gets the tax refund back, and he doesn't even have all his W2's to file yet.
Not to mention I have a list on the bedroom wall by his desk of all the things the tax refund money was already needed for... tooth removal wasn't on there.
I've been crying a lot. Strangely enough, that seems to relieve a lot of the pain... I guess it decongests me.
I hate my life.
Baby wouldn't take a nap today... I guess she senses my stress and it affects her, which then makes it worse...
I got a Christmas card from a friend (Bill) today in a package with my son's birthday gifts... seems it got returned to him by the post office when he sent it originally. It had a $25 check in it which I promptly signed and gave to Bob to help defray all these expenses...
I have a constant sinus headache on the left side, sometimes dull, sometimes sharp... and sometimes with the addition of a burning sensation. It's hard to think through it. It's about to drive me insane.
How's that? Remember... YOU asked!

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