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Tuesday, January 01, 2002

I took a long walk with my daughter Sarah and my youngest son, Timmy (7) today... we went to Target, Eckerd, and Publix... then to Jim's Drive Thru, and came back through the park along the canal. I wish I could make myself get that much exercise every day!

Other than that I made a roast (beef) and did a bit of laundry, but not much else today. Been online a lot... farting around reading email and chatting with a few friends... killing time and avoiding responsibility, mostly.

The baby spit up so much that I had to do her laundry cuz I was running out of clean receiving blankets... and she pooped so much she leaked twice... and that's when I changed her right away... amazing how much can come out of her at a time, LOL

The fireworks were noisy for last night's New Year's celebration, but didn't wake the baby. I stayed awake 'til after midnight... and my husband, who's off work for two days, shot off some of the noisy fireworks out in the cold with the kids.

I'm really irritated about my husband's constantly viewing pornography at night on the internet when he's off work... not to mention continuing his online relationship with that bitch in Texas who came and stayed here for a few weeks when I was in Peru. She keeps telling him what a good man he is, what a raw deal he has, and how he needs to come to Texas for a couple of weeks to let her spoil him rotten. Grrrrrrrrrrr! I'd like to "spoil" her! (Permanently!)

I keep getting IMed on Yahoo by this woman who's into making slaves out of men who want to be submissive and used... it's tempting to take her up on her offer to make her slaves send me some money to get me started... just to see if she's full of shit or not!

Well, it's late, and dh will be getting up soon... I'm ready to crash. No doubt he'll be viewing pornography and having 2 way video conversations with the she devil who sent the webcam so she can see him. If anyone reads this and has some good suggestions on how to deal with this situation, I'd love to hear 'em. I'm