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Friday, January 18, 2002

I don't really believe in fun anymore. Nothing interests me... I just plod along day by day... sigh. Same old same old around here. Got most of the Christmas stuff put away, now I gotta wait for Frank to feel like doing what I asked him to do, which is to take the lights down and put them away as well as the tree. Sigh. I am so tired of having to nag them to get them to do what they should do. I wish I felt like doing what I should be doing myself... but I still just can't bring myself to care enough to get much done.

My friend Jim's mother just died. He went to Ohio when she was put on life support, then again when they said she was brain dead and they were gonna pull the plug, but didn't... his wife was being a bitch so they went home to New York. Now he's got to go back to Ohio again, for the funeral... what a horrible time he's having.

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