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Thursday, January 10, 2002

Well, I didn't get here yesterday... but there's not much to say. Just spent the day doing housework and trying not to feel miserable... caught the baby's cold. Not as sick as my husband, though... he stayed home from work sick on Monday night, something he rarely does. In fact, the only times in 17 1/2 years of being together that he didn't go to work were: About 16 years ago he went in and they sent him home cuz he actually looked green he was so sick, then in late 1997, early '98 he and all my kids had the chickenpox, which I had as a child, so I felt like Florence Nightingale... pity I never got out the video camera to document their comical appearance at the time. Right after he recovered from that, he had hernia surgery. So, as far as I can remember, this is only the third time in 17 years that he stayed home from work. Oh, and he felt well enough to go to the grocery store today and get the Kielbasa that I forgot the other day, to go with the cabbage I already bought...

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