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Thursday, December 06, 2001

7:04am est: I didn't sleep very well last night. I thought it was because the AC coils froze up, but it turns out that it was because my oldest son took a late night shower, and turned the AC to "fan" and forgot to put it back on "cool" afterward. Aaaaaaaargh!

I forgot to "fast" last night, having some juice in the middle of the night, so I couldn't go to the lab this morning for my blood/urine tests. It's just as well, though... I have to go take a drug test this afternoon because of some trouble I got in: when my baby was born, she and I tested positive for marijuana. Since the same thing happened four years ago when I had my last baby, they're REALLY treating me like a criminal this time. We have had DCF (Division of Children and Families), BSO (Broward Sheriff's Organization), and KID (Kids In Distress) keeping tabs on us... making sure our kids aren't neglected or abused...

So far it's been okay. BSO are the worst pain in the ass, DCF is wasting their time, and should be concentrating on REAL child abuse cases, since they're shorthanded as it is, and while they're bothering me, some poor kid across town is probably being beaten to death... Kids in Distress has been pretty kewl. They brought us a turkey and everything to go with it except dessert, for Thanksgiving, and they're wanting to know what the kids want for Christmas now. They also have brought clothes, puzzles and balls, and an art kit for the kids. I guess I'll be kinda bummed when THEY quit coming.

An online friend of mine wants to help me out by buying me a digital multitracker to record my music. I told him they're expensive, but he doesn't care. It amazes me how generous people can be when they've never even met you!

Well, the baby will be waking up soon, so I'd better wrap this up... I hope it posts properly with no problems. Just in case I'm gonna copy the text before I hit "post & publish" this time...

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