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Monday, December 24, 2001

TOO MUCH WORK TO DO! The baby has NOT been napping much, so it's all I can do to get the dishes done, and I've been WASHING laundry, but it seems like I'm NEVER going to get it all folded... sigh. How can I get anything else done when I can't even manage those simple tasks? The only way to get other things done is to skip my responsibilities. Oh well. It seems to bother me more than it bothers anyone else. I just feel incompetent and inadequate. I haven't written a song in ages...

I keep reminding myself to be patient, that the baby won't be so demanding forever. In a few more months she'll be getting more independant, and able to do things to amuse herself. For now, I think holding her and giving her all the love she needs will make her more secure later. Then I'll be sad that she DOESN'T want to be cuddled and loved on as much. (That's when I usually end up having another one, LOL)

I've never been the homemaker type... and trying to force it just made me miserable. I need to start selling my songs so I can hire a maid... that would help enormously.

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