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Tuesday, December 18, 2001

Well, I had a much more productive day than usual yesterday. I got up early and sent out my newsletter (which still isn't being delivered on time...) then came here and chronicled a bit... then I went back to bed for a while.

When I got up again I got some laundry going, then made lunch/dinner for everyone. Later I went out and dropped off some stuff to charity, and picked up a couple of lithium batteries for our video camera. After that I put Selena (my baby) in the stroller and went out distributing flyers for my errand service (to be... I haven't had any calls yet)

I made the mistake of going online for a while when I got back... I should have done the dishes THEN and gone online LATER because I ended up doing dishes very late when I didn't feel much like doing it. But I had to get them done, so they'd be dry and put away by noon today, because I FINALLY got to call a repairman to come and look at the dishwasher.

The guy (Manny) who sent a check to Guitar Center to buy me a digital multitracker, said to call them today and see if they've received it yet. When I get that I'll be starting to record more songs for uploading to website... so I'm kinda excited about that prospect. Step by step and bit by bit. I'll still need a few things to make it work!

My son went through my daughter's and my hair last night and was unable to find any more lice or eggs... I hope it stays that way now! Those little bugs are diabolical... and it makes me not want to let my kids go anywhere or go anywhere myself, as well as not wanting to let anyone in the house.

Speaking of letting people in the house, the people from "Kids in Distress" will be stopping by to check up on me today, and the woman from DCF didn't call yesterday, so I am expecting to hear from her soon as well. I'm not looking forward to dealing with HER for four more months while I undergo a substance abuse program with a psychologist from my insurance company, but right now I am just hoping I can complete it to the satisfaction of all involved so they will close my case and leave me alone!