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Thursday, December 20, 2001

Good news and bad news always seem to come together in the same package... LOL. My new multitracker did not come with an A/C adapter, so I will have to buy one to use it. It runs on batteries, which were included, but only well enough to test it and make sure it works. Thereafter I will need the power supply. Sigh. That's gonna be about $20, and the digital cable to connect it to the computer for burning CDs will be another $40... but I won't need THAT until I've successfully completed my first song.

Yesterday was rough. Timmy (my 7 year old) was sick in the morning, and threw up all over the couch. (Guess who got to clean THAT up?) But he only threw up once. Later in the day my oldest daughter, Sarah, began to vomit, and kept it up for the rest of the day and into the night. She's better this morning, but sore. I think the baby may have had a touch of it too. I hope that's the end of it!

I tried to hand out more flyers for my errand service, but I didn't get far before the baby got fussy and I had to come on home. At least going out to distribute them gets me to go out every day and get a little exercise. Plus I had to go MAKE more flyers, so while I was out I stopped by the Post Office and checked my box + picked up a package I had waiting. (More free baby formula... something we only use when I can't be home to feed Selena, so I have a good hoard of it going)

I've been keeping up pretty well with laundry and dishes, but still haven't found the motivation to get anything further done in the house. Aside from the tree & lights, I haven't bothered to put up Christmas decorations... I think I'm just gonna put the box containing the other decorations back up in the loft for another year. Maybe next year I'll feel more like putting it all out and embracing the "holiday spirit".

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