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Friday, December 14, 2001

7:55am est: There's an online friend of mine whom I've never met in person, but he wants to help me further my career and get my music out to the world, so he is buying me a digital multitrack recorder with which I can make CDs by transferring what I record on it through the computer to my CD writer. I hope he's not pulling my leg, but if he is, it was a nice thought. If he is he's doing a good job of it, cuz he phoned last night giving me the serial # of the check, as well as the date it was written and amount... he said that Guitar Center wouldn't let him pay by phone with a credit card unless he had it shipped to his house instead of mine, so he's mailing them the money and I can pick it up when they receive it... if he's telling the truth I should be able to go get it by this time next week.

I couldn't get an appointment with the psychologist who does substance abuse treatment until the 27th (after Christmas) so I hope the bitch from DCF doesn't go ballistic on me over that. As it is, if they wanted to remove our children from this home they'd have to lie, or at the very least exaggerate to do so. They have been coming here since September and found no evidence of neglect or abuse thus far, it would make them look pretty stupid to take my kids NOW based on my noncompliance with their bullshit. Sure... take me to court... whatever. But my children are not endangered and never were. These laws are stupid. Who in their right mind considers a person who uses marijuana to be any kind of threat to anyone?

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