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Wednesday, December 19, 2001

Well, he did it! Manny bought me the multitracker! I went and picked it up yesterday. Now I have to find time to read the manual and learn how to use it... then I'll be able to record ALL my music digitally. Stripped of excuses, now the pressure's on to produce!

The guy who looked at my dishwasher said that it would be around $400 to fix it, but he'd sell us a used one, installed, for half that. Well, my son Frankie and I like the one we've got... so it's back to square one on fixing it. My husband thinks if he can get the electronics it needs, he can fix it himself... I'm skeptical. He's kind of a "Tim Taylor" when it comes to fixing things... they end up completely ruined half the time.

I let Sarah use the video camera and she shot a bunch of garbage footage. She's not mature enough yet to be allowed to use it for any great length of time. Instead of putting it on "standby" when she's not shooting something important, she just lets the tape keep rolling through anything. And she's yet to learn to hold it steady, so viewing the footage she shot makes one rather seasick. I think I'm going to put the camera back up 'til Christmas Day, and perhaps get it out occasionally, but for the most part I think it'll stay put away.

It still seems that I am never going to have enough time and energy to get everything that needs to be done taken care of. I'm not sure what to do about it.

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