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Sunday, December 23, 2001

Well, my husband seems to be considering fixing the dishwasher I want to keep... I hope so. Other than that there's not much going on. I did most of the dishes last night, and I have a ton of laundry left to wash & fold.

I had to take some Benadryl this morning cuz I was all sneezy, now I've gotten sleepy. Sounds like I'm going through the seven dwarfs, huh?

Frankie was out 'til about 2am last night, cuz after the birthday party they all went bowling. Seems only about 5 of the 25 expected guests showed up. Bummer! Must be a drag to plan for a big party, only to have it turn out small. At least there were SOME guests... it would have been depressing if NO ONE showed up!

The baby doesn't seem to like sleeping in her crib at all... but she's going to have to get used to it, since she's rapidly outgrowing the bassinet. I've been putting her in the crib for naps, but she usually wakes up after 10 or 15 minutes. Yesterday she took a nap for a bit longer, a couple of hours, but she had been taking better naps in the bassinet. Every transition is difficult. I think it's harder on me than it is on her, though.

I think this afternoon I'm taking Sarah to get a Christmas present for her dad... the boys don't seem to care. She knows what she wants to get, so it's just a matter of picking out the one she wants. I still need a couple of garment boxes for Sarah and Tim's gifts, and I wanted to get more stocking stuffers. Bob (my husband) wanted to skip the stockings this year, but I think that would be a terrible disappointment to the kids. As it is, he wrapped some of the gifts without a name, they only say "for good little boys and girls" and he expects them to share those items. Dunno how THAT'S gonna work out.

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