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Friday, December 07, 2001

9:40am est: A little late today... but better late than never! I went to the lab this morning for blood/urine testing for my annual physical. I think she blew my last good vein... sigh. I had great veins 'til about 4 years ago when I was in and out of the hospital for "placenta previa" with my 5th pregnancy. They blew all but one during that nightmare.

When I went for the drug evaluation yesterday they didn't even test me, just said I need rehab because since this is my second offense, I'm considered a chronic user. Anyway, they want me to show up next Wednesday with $45 to enter me into their computer system, and then $33.75/week for 12 weeks, once a week for group sessions. I'm going to try to do it through my insurance instead, somewhere else, because I'm convinced that they only want to sign me up to get money and don't really care if they help me any or not.

My baby has been a little fussy and seems to have a bit of a bug... she's been spitting up more than usual and I had to keep her in bed with me last night cuz every time I tried to put her to bed she spit up again. I hope she's over it now! If it persists I'm gonna have to take her to the doctor.

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