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Saturday, August 21, 2004

500 Miles

No... I didn't walk 500 miles today, but I sure feel like I did!

After 20 minutes on the stepmill this morning, and driving out to drop something off at a GORGEOUS $250-350,000 home... I went with my Israeli friend Oded to walk around Miami's South Beach.

It was SOOOOOOOO hot! I can't believe I was idiotic enough to wear long pants... I should have been wearing shorts. Ugh. When will I learn?

We had a great time and ate some delicious food... but honestly, didn't do much other than walk walk walk. We took my 2 year old daughter Selena with us, and she had fun... wanted to pet every doggie we saw. When I get a job I think I'm gonna buy me a dog. (Or adopt one from a shelter, as the case may be...)

When we came home, we lit a fire in my dish thingy that I got from freecycle the other day and I played a few songs for Oded. That was fun... but really wiped me out. I am exhausted now! So I reckon it's time I dropped into bed for some much-needed zzzzzzzzzzzzzz's. Nighty nite!
; )

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Anonymous said...

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