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Friday, August 06, 2004

Mission accomplished

I presented my speech at graduation... without sounding stupid, LOL... and now that all the excitement is over... I'm bushed! Wow! What a day.

Rex got my car fixed this morning... so we drove to MAE to get guitar strings and put up a flyer for my open mic. nights that are starting next weekend. So far so good, right?

Wrong. When we came out, the car wouldn't start, and since I had to go to the graduation ceremony tonight, we just had to hop on the bus and leave the car there. I hope no one disturbs it tonight. They warned us as we were leaving that it was okay to leave it there, but they couldn't be responsible for any damage that may occur. : (

THEN... when Frank got home from work, HIS car was smoking. I swear I'll FREAK if the Saturn quits running right now. How would I get to my open mic.? Ugh.

Well... with any luck we'll get my car running tomorrow. Just don't know if it's the starter, solenoid, alternator, or even bad wires! I hate electrical probs. They can be so hard to diagnose. I mean, if you replace all of the foregoing and it still won't work... and you know it's NOT the battery... what then? Sigh.

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