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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Overwhelming success!

This morning's karaoke show at the college went over GREAT! So well, in fact, that we had to do it after class again, just so people would GO back to class, LOL

Here's hoping that tonight's show meets with equal enthusiasm!
: )


MIKE DA HAT said...

Go get 'em kiddo. Fill yer boots.

Sister Sunshine said...

The evening show was a blast. I always did like the nighttime crowd at school better than the daytime folks... they're wild & crazy! If I could afford to get karaoke equipment, I'd do it all the time. There's a guy here in town who runs a combination karaoke/open mic. gig and it's definitely a lot of fun.

My ad for the (cancelled) open mic. nights finally came out in the local free newspapers (City Link and New Times) so I stopped by to talk to the owner of the restaurant. She's engaged a musician to play on those nights now, so at least people won't show up to an empty house... but they'll be disappointed if they had wanted to play.

Damn I'm chatty today! I'll post a new entry later... after all the things I gotta do get done...