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Monday, August 30, 2004

Hurricane Frances?

Well, my husband wanted to go to the store and "stock up" this morning, so I agreed to wait 'til he did that to go to the gym... then he came home and checked for news on the storm and said "you can go ahead and go to the gym if you want, I don't think it's going to hit us."

I told him to go ahead and go, now that I'd already settled in to wait! We still need stuff from the store, so it's not like it'll be a wasted trip. Sigh. Men.

He's supposed to be getting my car fixed this weekend... I hope that doesn't fall through, cuz I really miss driving my cushy New Yorker! (And I'm a little hesitant to keep looking for a job when transportation is so iffy!)


dedrick-adam said...

you left acomment about my rabbits and all i can say is that we live in indiana and dont ship yet. if your interested leave another comment.

Sister Sunshine said...

I was just trying to tell you that you should give some indication of where in the world you are before posting your rabbits for sale on the internet. Obviously you want only LOCAL orders...