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Friday, August 20, 2004

Long drives and short tempers

Well... I took 3 of the kids with me to Kendall (about an hour away from here) to meet Rosi from the freecycle group. It was wonderful to meet her, and had a nice time. I played her some of my songs, she showed me some of her photos and how she does her scrapbooking. My kids were a pain... I don't think I'll take any of them with me next time I go to visit her!

My friend Oded from Israel is supposed to be arriving on my doorstep any time now. I hope he didn't already come and go, having knocked and gotten no answer from my sleeping daughter... (she always goes straight to bed after school because she has to get up so damn early to catch the bus at 6... which she missed today so her brother had to drive her...)

Dunno if I mentioned it yesterday, but I've been called back for a second interview with Biscayne Productions, which is a job I think would be perfect for me because: 1)I can utilize skills I've acquired in my most recent jobs and college education; 2)I can learn on-the-job things that I was considering for my next college course(s) such as audio/video production, graphics/animation, and marketing; 3)It's close to home, so transportation would never be an issue; and 4)It's very close to the Charter School Timmy is enrolled in, so I'd feel good about that. I think there were some other reasons I left out, but the bottom line is that I really want this job and I hope they're going to feel I'm a good fit with their company and the available position.

Got really great news from Bob yesterday... our health insurance is changing, and we're apparently going back to one that I REALLY liked a lot. Hopefully this means I can FINALLY go the the OB/GYN I prefer for a checkup, as he dropped the insurance we're currently on.

Gosh... I must be boring you to tears. Well, if you've read this far, bravo! You must really like me... either that or your life is even more boring than mine, in which case I truly pity you. However, I'm working earnestly to make mine a bit more interesting, so bear with me, please.

Finally, I think I've fairly well nailed down a deal to provide the karaoke entertainment for two 1/2 hour (break-time) shows at my alma mater (Florida Career College) next Wednesday. That should be a lot of fun. I have no idea what I'm going to end up with in the way of payment, but something is always better than nothing, eh? If I can get $100 out of it, then I can pay the rest of my credit card balance and avoid finance charges. (I like using my cc for online purchases, especially when there's no s&h, making the product cheaper than if I went down the street to buy it!)

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