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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Another day in paradise?

Well... so far it's been busy... but it's settling down now. I dropped Timmy off at the beach to go on his field trip to Metrozoo... then went back to the house I was at last night to pick up something I forgot: the poker.

See, last night I got something from a freecycler that I had been wanting for a LONG time: A firepit. I had dug one in my yard, lined it with stone, and we had lovely fires out there for about a year, then someone called the fire dept. on me and they told me I couldn't do that anymore. With this dish thingy, I can go back to having my wonderful "campfires" LEGALLY. Awesome!

After I went and got the poker I made it to Bally's for my cardio, and waited for 1/2 hour for someone who didn't show up. She called when I was on the way home & said she's going to come by my house, since she was running late and missed catching me at Bally's.

Now I have a ton of things to do... but most of them probably won't get done. I'm too busy moderating my freecycle board and talking to a friend who needs help. (Any excuse to avoid the housework, LOL)

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