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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Sooooooo tired...

Well, Oded took Joey, Selena and me to Parrot Jungle today. It was exhausting! We fed the parrots, saw two shows, walked hither thither and yon... in drenching humidity. I was a little more intelligent in my apparel than yesterday... I wore shorts and flip-flops instead of jeans and sneakers... but flip-flops don't provide much support for prolonged walking, so my feet feel like they've gone through a meat grinder at the moment.

I've been really lax about BFL for the past week or so... well, really, ever since Rex came (the 4th) so I need to get my ass in gear and back into it this week. I've been lazy about weight training, but not so much about cardio... and the nutrition plan? Uh... well... yeah. Not.


MIKE DA HAT said...

MY roadie gave me a pedometer, I call it my slobometer. My sis (who's a nurse) says I should be doing at least 10,000 a day. Yikes! As an incentive I thought I might post my end of day slob readings, but I keep forgetting. it's 1:00 only done 1607 so far. Yep that's pretty slobby.

Anonymous said...

I'm quite sure I got 10,000 in on both days... Saturday and Sunday. Now I'm off to the gym!
: )