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Thursday, August 05, 2004

I did it... and I didn't fall down!

Well, I ran (slow jog) on the treadmill for the first time today. It was really scary for the first few steps, then I enjoyed it... other than the fact that I DEFINITELY need to wear a bra with better support when I'm going to jog!

I didn't put my hands on the handrails at all, even during the walking parts, when I could have. Actually, I found that walking on the treadmill was EASIER without holding on. Something about swinging your arms really seems to make a difference. Who knew? Not me!

In other news, Rex and I went to Discount Auto Parts and ordered a new radiator for my car... we have to go back at 5 to get it. It will be nice to have my car back on the road again! (Part of the old one broke off when it was removed, or we might have just gotten it fixed... but I think Rex is right... it's better to get a new one and know that you won't have to worry about THAT part again for the time being.)

The weather sux. Thunderstorms and such... rain by itself isn't so bad, but thunder and lightning always make me really edgy.

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