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Saturday, August 07, 2004


I finally got my car home today. It still needs a starter, but banging on the starter made it work... and it still does. It probably wouldn't if I tried to go somewhere, though. : (

Bob said he'll go get me a starter tomorrow... and I also want to get a Sunday paper to look for a job. Sometimes the good ones aren't posted online. I really need to start earning money again. Being broke SUCKS!

Rex and I went to see I, Robot tonight. I enjoyed the movie a great deal. Will Smith cracks me up! When we left the theater, I kept expecting to look around and see robots, LOL

After that, we went to eat at Gusto's. Good food... but I'm off BFL... and probably won't get back to it 'til Rex goes home. He spent so much of his time here fixing my car, I feel bad... so I don't want to leave him sitting here while I go to the gym. I know I'm going to really FEEL IT when I get back to it on Tuesday (or maybe Monday evening... he flies out of here in the afternoon.

I'm pretty tired, but I wanted to update my blog. I think I've been really good about coming here every day... although it might possibly be the most boring blog in existence!

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