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Monday, August 23, 2004

Flame Wars

In my Body for Life Women's group there has been a ridiculous argument going on all day... which resulted in the banishment of one or more members. I don't understand why people have to resort to childish name-calling and other such nonsense... maybe it would help if they could go down to the schoolyard and duke it out?

Anyway, it's been a mundane Monday. Had a great lower body workout at the gym, and that's where my fitness story for today ends. I've eaten nothing but junk food. But I am going to start posting my meal plans to encourage accountablility... starting tonight, with tomorrow's fare. Now, I sure hope I can stick to it, or I'll look like a real buffoon! Nutrition is 80% of fitness... you can work out 'til the cows come home, but if you keep stuffing your face with brownies and Burger King, guess what? You're going to look more like a cow than a superhero. If you want that superhero physique, you can't just talk the talk, you gotta walk the walk. Which means 6 small meals a day, eating every 2 to 3 hours.

I guess part of the reason I've had so much trouble sticking to my nutrition plan is that the kids won't eat the stuff I'm supposed to, so I feel badly about having my husband purchase extra things for me when his income is tight. Gotta get a J.O.B.!

Did I mention that I nailed down the deal to host the karaoke on Wednesday? Gonna get paid what I asked for the gig... but I have to set up and tear down twice. (It's 1/2 hour in the morning and 1/2 hour in the evening... and in between I have to put the gear up for safekeeping, else I'd have to "babysit" it all day!) Incidentally, the gear is being rented from Sing-a-Song

Yes, Wednesday and Thursday are going to be busy, busy days for me. But I'm ready!

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