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Sunday, August 08, 2004


Well, the starter's fixed, and the radiator, thermostat, and starter relay have been replaced also. NOW the fan on the radiator seems to have quit... and there's a leak down under the engine, somewhere near the water pump. : (

Just can't seem to catch a break. I got a Sunday paper today, to start looking for a job... but I can't very well take a job if my car will overheat on the way to and from work every day.

Went canoeing with Rex and Joey today... and it rained on us, which was nice because it was SOOOOOOOOO hot! Afterward we picked up a bunch of pizza. Now I have a headache, so I think I might just go take a nap. Exciting, huh?

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Sister Sunshine said...

The fan radiator seems to be okay, but (we're hoping) the water pump has gone bad. If it's not the water pump, and I have a cracked block. I'm screwed.
: (