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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Second interview

I went back to the place I'm most interested in working today... and it went like this:

Had a nice time visiting with Bob the cat in the "lobby" (more like a waiting room...) while I read my book. (Did I mention I'm reading "White Oleander"?)

While I sat there reading, the strangest thing happened. Well, I thought it was strange, but judge for yourself:

The mailman came in. (No, I know THAT'S not strange, LOL) He went up to the window, where he spoke to Michelle, the current office manager. She's the one who's moving away... that's why they're conducting interviews.

None of it sounds terribly strange yet, does it? Of course not. But the next part is.

He started chit-chatting about whether or not the business had any other names, and the names of adjacent businesses... as well as asking her if she smoked. ??? Very odd. But that's not all...

Here's the strange part of the conversation, at least, my paraphrase thereof:

Mailman: They give you enough breaks around here? Do you smoke?
Michelle: I try not to...
Mailman: What do you smoke? Newport? Marlboro Lights?
Michelle: I started off with Newports, but... (the rest I didn't hear)
Mailman: Here. Have a cigarette. I have some right here.

And he proceeded to take out TWO cigarettes, giving them to her. Very odd.

He left, talking to himself about the ballet and a half (the address next door was 29 1/2)

Am I overly suspicious, or does it sound like this guy was on drugs?

Moving right along...

When I went in the back and was interviewed, I found it to be a very pleasant experience. I like the people there, and their attitude. I'm very interested in the industry (advertising, commercials) and would love to learn more. Ultimately, I think I could benefit them a great deal with the skills I possess, and while I have no experience as an office manager, per se... I feel quite capable of mastering all that's necessary.

He even whetted my appetite by mentioning that there might be some writing involved! Short descriptive passages for the website, and perhaps for some commercials too. Hmmmmmmmm sounds good to me!
: )

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