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Sunday, August 15, 2004


I've had this pain adjacent to my navel... I'm hoping it's not a hernia cuz that would really screw up my fitness plans!

Been a pretty busy day today. Bob set up my new weight bench out under the mango tree... but he didn't put my new keyboard drawer on, so I still have to put up with this damn tv tray. : (

Doing laundry and gathering up old sheets/towels to give to a lady who's coming by tomorrow... she'll be using them for an animal shelter. She's also bringing me some soft-sided coolers (lunch "boxes") that I figured the kids could use for school (if they WILL)

Grumpy as hell. Between giving up cigarettes 2 1/2 days ago and PMS (which will hopefully end tomorrow, when "Aunt Flo" arrives, LOL) I could bite someone's head clean off right now without blinking an eye.

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MIKE DA HAT said...

I would post a comment but I have this doctors note that excuses me from posting comments for a week. So as much as I'd like to comment. I can't. I'm not allowed. It may be hazardous to my health.So I'm afraid you aren't going to get a comment today. I'm risking life and limb just doing this. Don't tell my doctor, it's just between you and me. Mikel.