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Friday, August 13, 2004

Busy Day

I had to get up this morning to drop off stuff to the same lady I was getting some stuff from. (Great coincidence!) I really love freecycle. I can see myself actually decluttering this house over time. And helping others in the process! Awesome!

Then we went to the gym and I realized I'd forgotten my purse and didn't have my membership card... but it was okay. They let me in anyway. I gotta put that card in my gym bag, though, so it can't happen again.

The guy who said he was gonna come get the size 34 shorts hasn't showed up, though. If he doesn't show up by tomorrow morning I'm gonna let the next respondant have them!

I gotta take Sarah and her friend Zoe to Olsen for orientation at 2, then Jiu Jitsu at 4... shower, load my gear into the car for my gig, and leave. It's going to be a LONG evening. I sure hope lots of people show up for my open mic. night!

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