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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Nutty bunch?

Okay. I was a little lazy about the blog earlier today, but you really should check out those links! Interesting stuff. I got it off another blog...

I've taken to blogsurfing a lot. Leaving comments wherever something catches my interest. So if you came here because I commented on your blog... hope you enjoy my eclectic mix of stuff.


My primary activity for the day was to join a bunch of people who participate in a local homeschooling group for a pool party... and it was pretty wild! I found out that the daughter of the hostess had a picture of MY OLDEST SON mooning the camera (with 3 other people...)

Pretty strange considering I had never met these people before. Small world. What can I say?

I won't go over the rest of what transpired there... since the partygoers may stumble across my blog and disapprove of being mentioned in such manner. Suffice it to say that they seem nutty enough to possibly admit my son and me to their group, LOL

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