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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Rod Stewart lookalike

I think I forgot to mention that the martial arts instructor who's been giving me lessons is also a musician... and plays gigs as a Rod Stewart lookalike. He's pretty good... at both the impersonation routine AND Jiu Jitsu.

Bob went with me for cardio today... his first try at using a treadmill. He did pretty well. I've just moved up from walking fast to jogging on it... and got up to 4mph for my "high point" today. Long way to go, but good start!

I went for another job interview today. I really like the company... it's close to home and I'd have the chance to learn some things on the job that I was planning to go back to school... and PAY to learn.

Well, I can only assume that whatever job I get will be the one the Good Lord wants me to have.

I have to take my PA to the open mic. night location tonight to run a sound check with the CD player that they want to use in between sets/performers (if there are not many... if there are a lot of people, there won't be any breaks.)

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