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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Busier than usual...

I got up at 4am today, to go to the gym at opening time (5am) for 20 minutes of sheer torture on the "stepmill" (a cardio machine that looks like a short escalator) Please... no "short bus" quips, here, LOL

So now I've showered and I'm waiting for Timmy to be ready for school. I have to drop him off at the beach for school this week because they're not quite done building the new Charter School yet. It's kind of a drag because although he's AT the beach, the school is not allowed to take them out TO the beach. What a tease!

It's in the posh new Westin Diplomat Hotel's Convention Center. It took me a full hour of waiting in line to pick him up yesterday... but because of all the confusion, they're offering free before- and after-care, so I think today I'll wait an extra hour before picking him up to let the mad rush pass. Hope it helps!

I put a bunch of stuff on freecycle and several people are coming by to claim them: a weight bench that I discovered I really don't like... a rattan chair that just doesn't "fit in" around here, and several partial computers for parts. That's why I went to the gym & showered so early... I don't want to miss any of the people coming by. Especially Shannon, whose kids won a ride to school (from KISS 99.9 to whom I posted a link, but apparently their website is bogus!) in a limousine, and was told that she and her husband may get to keep it for two hours... so if they do, they're going to come by here IN IT. LOL... that should be funny, riding around to freecycler's houses picking up stuff in a limo. What a picture!

Well... 'nuff said. Time to go get dressed & take Timmy to school. Ciao!

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